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Lily of the Valley
Direct Cremation


This plan is for families that want a cremation with no attendance and no service. (Please note; crematoria have a strict no attendence policy)

Our professional team will collect your loved one from your home, hospice, hospital or care home, from our areas in SW London, Surrey West Sussex and Hampshire.

Our team are polite and professional, they will ensure your personal wishes and choices are respected.

We will transport your loved one to the crematorium in our private ambulance, using two of our pallbearers.

We will use an eco-friendly cardboard coffin.

We will take responsibility for all forms, certificates and bookings. Ensuring everything is completed correctly and on time.

We will let the family know the date and time of the cremation to allow personal remembrance.


  • Out of Hours call out Charge, from 5pm-9am £175
  • Doctor certificate £82.
  • Hearse £200.
  • Range of eco-coffins, urns and scatter tubes.
  • Additional pallbearers – £85 per person.
  • Taking care of your loved one at our premises in Dorking awaiting availability at Crematorium £15 per day.(Charges apply after the first 14 days.)
  • Collection of Ashes £50.

Why choose the Direct Cremation Plan?

There are so many reasons why to choose Direct Cremation Plans, some of those could be that:

  • It could be that this is just how you want it!
  • The person who has died stated that they did not want a formal ceremony
  • Friends and family may want to hold a memorial at a later date
  • You may just want to remember the person in your own way and not have a formal gathering for this.